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Vicki Purdy, Owner and CEO of Purdy & Sons

About Purdy & Sons

Purdy & Sons has been serving the Upstate New York area for almost 50 years, combining traditional commitment to superb quality in meats and food with modern, reliable, and safe methods of processing and customer service. Since 1963, our goal has been to provide high-end value through quality products and services to our valued customers. Three generations of excellence, diligent care and service innovation in the food industry has positioned us as the leaders in the “Farm to Fork” initiative that is growing rapidly in New York State. We started as highly skilled meat processors who worked with local farmers and local meats and we now lead in providing institutions with the same source of purity and food quality that they now demand. Our food production services are efficient, energy concious, and locale-friendly. These practices are the new standard for community conscientious business and ensure energy efficiency and food excellence.


Our care in maintaining the best food service in regard to safe handling and quality assurance is evident in submitting to Third Party Auditing, daily USDA Federal Inspection and yearly New York State Department of Agriculture and Markets warehousing certification. Purdy and Sons Foods is a New York State Woman / Minority Owned Business. Vicki Purdy, owner and proprietor of Purdy Foods. has exemplified the Managerial and Productive excellence that you would expect from a Pride of New York member.

Our services include:

  • Sourcing and approval of the best NY State farms and producers. This service uniquely provides for the sale and distribution of farm fresh products to Colleges, Finer Dining establishments, and Institutions, fulfilling the vision of the “Farm To Fork” initiative and sustainable interests of our community.
  • Customized fabrication and Packaging Service of all natural NY State raised, Beef, Pork, Lamb and Poultry, For High-End Distributors and Retailers. Products are Manufactured “Just In Time” and distributed throughout the North East.
  • Processing and re-distribution of broad line products to area Restaurants, Institutions and State facilities. Affording customers the ability to purchase fresh custom-manufactured products, Seafood’s and commodity items daily, eliminating the need to pre-order dated products from national vendors domiciled in other states.

Dan Purdy, Chief Operating Officer

“Just In Time” delivery. Our distribution system minimizes our customers’ inventory overhead at a much lower sustainable level. In addition, due to our dedication and skill in providing quality customized products as well as our advantageous location to serve New York (Central New York), we are able to assist customers in the event of unexpected product needs and emergency situations.

Providing Local and Nationally recognized Events with Broad Line Products. Delivery and set up on site with Mobile Freezer / Cooler Storage units. We have guaranteed the success of Events such as Regional Motor Speedways, Town and Field events, County Fair Grounds, Company Clam Bakes, a National Motocross event, etc. through Freezer unit set up, Broad line Products and extra inventory for customers. Our services eliminate guesswork and provide professional facilities for the customer.

History of Purdy Foods


Richard Purdy


The history of Purdy & Sons starts with Richard H Purdy, born October of 1927 in Rockville Centre NY, Living in Hempstead Long Island. As a youth, Richard was introduced by his father Harry Purdy to the art of meat fabrication and merchandizing in the retail food industry. Harry was an active manager and overseer of many Bohack and A&P Food stores. Richard was also influenced by his uncle William Purdy. William was an executive board member of the Jewel Tea Company, Chicago, Illinois. William later worked as a regional operations manager of A&P Food Markets inc.

After serving in WWII, Richard was employed at A&P in the early 50’s. He worked his way up to managing the meat-processing department in one of the nation’s largest retail food stores in Levittown, NY. While building his skills in meat processing, he also built his home literally from the foundation up. Raising a family of 8, working and developing a very successful career, Richard had a solid foundation as a direct result of his dedication, skill, and hard work. With a successful career, many friends and a growing family, he had an exciting life in the neighborhood of Seaford, Long Island, NY.

Celeste Purdy


In 1960, Richard purchased a rural property with a home in Sherburne, NY where the Family had regularly visited on vacation. With a growing family and a love for Upstate NY, Richard recognized the need and opportunity for his talents in the area. In 1963, Richard and Celeste made the decision to move their family to Upstate NY. Taking the land they owned in partnership with his Father Harry they founded Purdy Foods.


Harry Purdy


In the 60’s, the company was designed to professionally custom-process meat and poultry items for local agriculture. We began by processing local foods to specification and we continue today to provide those same expert level of craftsmanship to institutions today. Establishing a solid reputation of excellence, demand increased for their services and expansion was a must.


In 1974, Richard became sole proprietor of the company due to Harry Purdy’s retirement, and erected a professional food processing plant in which Purdy & Sons is currently located. Purdy & Sons has been under the guidelines of the USDA Federal Inspection program ever since.


In 1979, Richard along with his son Richard H Jr, developed the means to distribute and supply area restaurants with fresh custom cut meats, poultry and seafood items along with a newly acquired line of dry, canned, and paper goods common in the industry. Due to high demand for the products and services offered at this time, this division of the company quickly grew and prospered, and further expansion took place. Richard Purdy retired after over 5 decades expertly working in the custom cutting, retail, and wholesale fields.


Daniel R Purdy and his wife Vicki purchased Purdy & Sons in the year 2000. Prior to the acquisition, Dan and Vicki had a very active roll in the operations of the company. They worked nine years together developing business procedures, structure, and financial oversight for Purdy Foods prior to their acquisition. Taking the expertise from many years of custom cutting local meats, they positioned themselves to provide for institutional needs. Over the last decade, Purdy & Sons has emerged as the premier distribution channel for local, natural foods as it applies to colleges, jails and other institutions. After all, it is what was done from the beginning at Purdy & Sons!


Now we provide for a greater demand for excellence that is satisfied with the quality of local meats and produce. There is a quickly growing understanding of the benefits and superior freshness and wholesomeness of local foods. People are increasingly conscious of the societal benefits in supporting ethical treatment of animals, economic support of local communities, and environmentally sound practices of local foods and sustainability. With our Pure Local program we are able to supply customized processing of grass-fed Beef, Pork, and Lamb raised with the highest standards of safety and sustainability. With our Pure Local program, Purdy and Sons serves as a large and effective distribution channel for a large and growing number of farm vendors. These vendors and their products meet the highest standards of excellence for food quality and safety. With these channels securely in place, Purdy and Sons Foods sources, customizes, packages, and ships a great variety of sustainable products. Everything from hummus to hamburger, baked goods to salsas, yogurts, seasonings, fruits and vegetables and even more! The Custom Fresh program enables the employment and training of workers within our communities to practice the finest artisan techniques of meat-cutting and processing. The proven approaches of these programs guarantees that those who call for excellence in product and customization can partner with us to bring a high-quality, economical and sustainable solution to their dining services concerns.

Purdy & Sons is a Third Party Audited company, Minority Owned as well as a Pride of NY member. Vicki Purdy is able to employ her natural gifts and talents in management and innovative thinking especially in anticipating and meeting new standards of excellent food quality and efficient, timely food distribution. Purdy & Sons supports, organizes and brings to market locally grown and produced products. These products are Sourced at Approved NY State farms and producers and shipped to College’s, Finer Dining establishments and Institutions that otherwise would need to rely on “boxed” food, Purdy & Sons is fulfilling the vision of the “Farm To Fork ” initiative and the sustainable interests of our community.


Purdy & Sons exemplifies an innovative production model that is setting the standard Statewide and beyond for the marketing and distribution of locally produced all-natural products. We have great anticipation for what the future holds and are honored to be an important part of an awakening vision of responsible production in foods and an increasing appetite for pure, sustainable and high quality foods.