Pure Local

Purdy Foodsis truly farm to fork, the most direct connection to where an animal is raised - even to the specific local farm. Each farm is approved for ethical treatment, high quality methods, and safe practices. The Pure Local program provides a holistic approach to your sustainable aims. You purchase the whole animal not just parts from several. With our expertise in the meat indsutry we can help you to efficiently utilize all the products possible from the animal. This is fundamentally humane in that there is the least waste and greatest yield possible. Culinary artists find new ways to express their artistry and create a wider variety of delicious meals by way of the variety of expert cuts.

Our Pure Local Products are:

  • Entirely grown and processed in New York State
  • Your Direct connection with the farm - truly farm to fork
  • Pasture Raised animals, no animal by - product in the feed
  • Third - party audited for humane treatment
  • Free of antibiotics, hormones, pesticides and herbicides