Sustainable Community - Pursuing What Is Possible

Our Sustainable Community program provides you with expert knowledge, practical training, and motivational passion that come from a direct connection with New York’s sustainable community. As authentic leaders in providing natural, local, sustainable foods of the best quality to colleges and institutions in New York State, we have built an infrastructure that is necessary for proper growth of this emerging market. We wish to share our knowledge to further your sustainable goals.


  • Provides a vital infrastructure for New York State farmers, local food artisans and processors. We provide the link between farm and institution in a practical and effective way.
  • Practices the sustainable aims of sound Economic, Ethical, and Environmental policy while consistently ensuring Excellence and Affordability.
  • Provides on-site presentations to engage students and community members regarding practical benefits of Sustainable Methods and Food Safety.
  • Offers personalized counsel to help define a sustainable program that is right-sized, effective and cost-efficient for your school or institution.