Family Traditions and Fresh, Local Product

Hudson Egg Farms, located in Elbridge, NY had it’s humble beginnings in a 550-acre farm purchased by a Mr. Arthur Hudson. The farm, falling into neglect, was tended to and cared for, and within a year was housing 30-head of cattle, 5,000 turkeys and a herd of Hereford beef cattle. 1941, a year later, the farm also housed 1,800 laying hens.

Today, with a capacity of over 250,000 hens, Hudson Egg Farms is an impressive competitor in the egg farm world. Lee Hudson, however, takes a modest attitude with the growth that had come from humble beginnings. Having grown up in the business as the fourth generation owner, Lee says that what separates them from the rest of the world is their stick-to-the-roots attitude. There are many challenges that come with having a family business, but, as Lee says “I feel good about what I do.”

Hudson Egg Farms is team-focused with 18 employees, and sustainable with a 95% pure process. Lee and the farm as a whole aim to develop long term relationships with it’s customers to serve a product they are proud to stand behind, and have been for 76 years.

Hudson Egg Farms

Ithaca Soy- Promoting Local and Sustainable Foods.

Ithaca Soy is a tofu company located in the beautiful CNY town of Ithaca, NY. Focusing on sustainable practices and environmental health, Ithaca Soy has been in business for around 40 years. Founded by Rob Shapiro, the company is now owned by Adam Potenza, who focuses on making major contributions to his community. Ithaca Soy provides local, healthy and vegetarian protein while donating the byproducts of tofu (okara) to a local lamb farm. The company also reuses it’s 5 gallon pail buckets.

The other community contributions of Ithaca Soy include: donating to Loaves and Fishes as well as the local food pantry. Also, to keep it in the family, Adam buys his beans from his father who is a local employer.

Ithaca Soy is a family focused, environmentally conscious, and community contributing company that provides a sustainable product that everyone can enjoy. The company has far surpassed their local-sustainable goals, and is continuing to grow with that mantra.

Ithaca Soy